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Why choose us?

Pincushion Media is run by Heather King and Anna Chandler. 

Heather King is the primary photographer and videographer. She has a background in event and retail management so organisation skills come naturally. 

'I fell in love with film when experimenting with creative art videos in art college and went on to do my degree in Film and Media Production. Over the years I've worked on a variety of different projects and decided to set up Pincushion with Anna after enjoying working with her.'

Anna Chandler is the primary editor for Pincushion Media. She has a background in Jazz and learned to edit videos for her own work. She quickly found she has an affinity with editing videos and colour grading in particular. Her experience in the music scene means she has valuable insight into making the most of gig and studio footage.



Superhero #74 - Nobody Knows I'm A Lesbian - A Story of Everything Changing all At Once | Heather King

Welcome back and do I have an incredibly heart warming and relatable episode for you, yes I do!

I spent some time with Heather, we crossed paths when I did some work at an event Heather had organised in Leeds last year.

We got talking and found a few things that we could share experience on:

-Taking the jump from employed to self employed to follow a passion, and all the scary bits..

-Covid-19 and the challenges living in a bubble brought

-The challenges of setting boundaries when you are heart centred and want to give!

One we don't share in common but is an amazing story is when Heather 'came out' and found the love of her life.. one to not miss.

I do hope you enjoy this one, its funny, and there is a nice feel good story in there too.

Check link in Bio to listen, or search for The Superhero Finder on your favourite podcast app 🦸🏻

If you want to follow Heather and  Anna's business you can @pincushionmedia on instagram or click here

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